Providing Youth, Single Parent & Family Household Ownership Solution(s)

Pooling investment capitol for future home owners & building as well as providing effective advant solutions as applied to community residential & commercial properties & their owner(s).



When I accomplish, there is a feeling like none else. When I achieve, living becomes easier. When I complete an objective, I can 'SEE' the future clearly. Becoming a 'WEALTHY HOUSE' Partner 'FEELS REALLY GOOD'. Learning what it takes to emancipate from dependency to independence is an accomplish. An accomplishment that 'FEELS REALLY GOOD'!


Who's to say what living arrangement(s) were like years to many year(s) ago? Many have been raised in different ways, learning different information. Public Schools teach a different history than previous account(s) in living extended to student(s) at private school(s), boarding house(s) and/or even Military community living environment(s). The INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS & The 'WEALTHY HOUSE' Foundation believe & teach living has always been 'FREE'. Land is always available. Creation has vested a place for all being(s) just as has been provided for the sparrow or the bear. I can alway(s) find a place for you. LAND. MATERIALS. BUILD. Historically, this is what we have done to survive. 'FREE'. We are 'FREE' to survive. HISTORICALLY!


'FREEDOM' is given. Just as many thin(s) are provided naturally. To those whom insured our 'FREEDOM' is there when we mature into our being, consideration is always 'IN THANKS' for allowing 'TRUTH' & what is 'GOOD' to shine upon assurance. Consideration is not a fee. It's currency extended to those whom are faithful. Donate, contribute or Volunteer today. In 'Thanks'


'WEALTHY HOUSE' Programs provide housing solution(s) bringing 'FREEDOM' in ownership as well as confidence to live. Program consideration manages consideration responsibilities, material manufacture cost(s) & finalizes building. 'FEE WAIVER' programs waive any such consideration responsibilities & allow(s) each 'NEW' and/or existing partner to manage a Volunteer schedule associated with generally satisfying consideration responsibilities.

FAMILY. TEAMWORK. TOGETHER| Working Together allows 'US' to accomplish more. With an existing Multi Million Dollar foundation, 'WEALTHY HOUSE' expand(s) it's family Bond(s) with teamwork securities. Together, our STOCK Warrant acquisition continues to acquire land, Material(s) & labor resources in both compensated & volunteer method(s).

If you haven't already done so, fill in the online application and/or contact your Representative Agent and/or placement officer for direction on How to finalize Becoming a Partner. It's simple & Cost Nothing. If in fact you are interested in generating income currency, we have several program(s) you can participate in while also taking the step(s) necessary to live 'FREE'. 'WEALTHY HOUSE'!


The information you 'NEED' to stay informed & up to date on the next step in ownership. Once you become a partner, you're assigned to a Representative Agent (RA) that will assist you in familiarizing yourselves in currency generation program(s) as well as housing establishment program(s). Become Wealthy & Live Wealthy. 'WEALTHY HOUSE' Foundation! We're not just a partnership. we're a Family!

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